Our Directors

Deanne Tibbetts-President

Deanne, our president, is from a multi-generational fishing family. She and her husband David, a life-long lobsterman, have raised two children in Boothbay Harbor. She has a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Science in Library Science. Currently, she is a library media specialist in Rockland and is responsible for library services and technology support and instruction for 330 students and 75 staff members. She and David own and manage vacation rentals and a parking lot in Boothbay Harbor. She understands that, for some people, making a living on the sea is as important as breathing and that access to working waterfront is critical for the continuation of our heritage.

Kathy Vise-Secretary

Kathy, our secretary, has raised two children in Boothbay Harbor and cares deeply about the unique way of life that is so important to local families. She is a certified K-8 teacher who has taught elementary school for 34 years. She currently teaches second grade at Woolwich Central School in Woolwich, Maine. In this capacity Kathy is in charge of planning and teaching all subjects to a diversified group of seven and eight year olds. In addition, Kathy has served on the Leadership Team for eight years. This team works collaboratively each year to map out a school wide professional development plan. In addition she has worked on the Science and Language Arts Curriculum committees to review or amend curriculum for these subjects. In the last three years she has worked closely with the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, ME to help second graders learn first hand about the history of ships and ship building in their community.

Lois Glaser-Secretary

For over 40 years, our current secretary, Lois Glaser, lived in a small community in western New York, surrounded by farm fields, rumbling tractors, and Holsteins.  She has an MS in Art Education, and after teaching art for 6 years, she moved on to business management in the veterinary field, where she spear-headed all aspects of business and personnel development. Upon retirement, she and her husband relocated to Colorado to be closer to family, but they returned east in 2017, seeking that small town culture and proximity to water they had left behind. Boothbay Harbor seemed the perfect match.  Lois sees lobstering as the coastal version of dairy farming.  Having gained the utmost respect for the hard working farmers in NY, Lois is eager to support the fishing industry however she can. When she arrived in Maine, she was astounded to learn  that only 20 miles of working waterfront remains in all of Maine, making the protection of Boothbay’s harbor and lobster wharfs all the more urgent.  As an artist photographer, Lois exhibits her photos around town and online, contributing to public awareness of the lobstering industry.  Her business background and photography experience enable Lois to assist with the website, marketing, and education of the public regarding the importance of the lobster industry and the livelihoods of those behind it.

Troy Plummer-Treasurer

Troy, our treasurer, is a twenty-three year old lobstermen. A Boothbay region native, he has been involved in Boothbay Region Maritime’s efforts from the beginning. As a young lobstermen he has expressed a vested interest in the future of the area’s commercial fishing infrastructure. Raised lobstering with his father, he took an interest in commercial fishing policy beginning at a young age. Lobbying for changes to student lobster licensing policies in Augusta until LD 1503 was passed. He continues to follow policy issues related to commercial fishing, attending Maine Lobstermen's Association meetings regularly.