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In October of 2018, the Boothbay Harbor working waterfront was added to the top 10 list of the "Most Endangered Historic Places" by Maine Preservation citing that of the 3,500 miles of Maine  coastline only 20 miles remain for commercial fishing. At that time, Boothbay Harbor was under tremendous pressure from development and a group of concerned residents formed a nonprofit foundation, the Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation, for the purpose of securing working waterfront for commercial fishing and other working waterfront activities. The outbreak of Covid has resulted in an even greater demand for property in the Boothbay Region. Now more than ever it is critical that we save our commercial fishing properties. 

There are five buying stations in the Boothbay Region and each and every one of them is critical to our local economy, our cultural identity, and our history and heritage. BRMF has been fortunate to have been gifted Carter's Wharf, a lobster buying station formerly known as the Sea Pier, located on the east side of Boothbay Harbor. The east side has a rich maritime history rooted in fishing. We, the directors of the Foundation, would like to see the property restored to a vibrant seafood buying station that will serve our community for many years to come. We would like the wharf to be a welcoming place for visitors and locals alike, a place to learn more about our heritage and our fishing industry. 

The Maritime District

"Each and every buying station in the Boothbay Region is critical to our local economy, our cultural identity, and our history and heritage."

Photo Courtesy of Havana Lyman

Fishermen in our region need access to shorefront so they can access their boats, park their trucks, land their catch, load bait, fuel their boats, work on gear, and store traps, rope, and buoys in the off season. Shorefront property comes at a premium. Maine Preservation encourages public and nonprofit ownership of shorefront for the purpose of securing access for commercial fishing. Examples of this can be seen in communities like Bar Harbor and St. George, Maine; Point Judith and Galilee, Rhode Island and fishing ports throughout Canada. Through the support of our community and people and organizations that care about preserving our historic waterfront we can insure that commercial working waterfront remains an important part of our culture and our heritage for generations to come. Please donate now by clicking on the link below.

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