Saltwater Saturdays

A glimpse into life on the Boothbay Region working waterfront.

Meet the Fleet

The Boothbay Region is home to over 115 lobstermen and five different buying stations.

Catch of the Day

These are quick clips of video shot and posted the same day.


Lobster boats are a favorite subject for photos of the Maine coast. As we look at these romantic icons of a time honored fishing tradition, it is important to remember the men and women that rely on fishing for their livelihood. Fishermen in the Boothbay Region are fortunate to have places like Barrett’s Park to store and work on traps and fishing gear. This small glimpse of a Saturday morning on the Maine coast may not be as picturesque as some but it serves to remind us that the kindness and thoughtfulness of others will make a difference in how and if fishermen will continue to have access to the water on which they depend. Consider how you can support your local fishing community.