The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation

Preserving working waterfront and our maritime heritage.

The Fishermen's Survey

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There are three nonprofits on the East Side of Boothbay Harbor.

The Fishermen's Memorial Foundation

The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation

The Boothbay East Side Waterfront Park Group

The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation (BRMF) is sometimes confused with the East Side Waterfront Park group. Learn more about their mission at their website.

The Fishermen's Memorial Foundation maintains a memorial park and dory monument overlooking the harbor in front of the Catholic Church. They do not have a website.

The sole mission of BRMF is to preserve commercial working waterfront and our maritime heritage. WE ARE NOT BUILDING A PARK. Our educational efforts include documenting current commercial working waterfront activities, preserving photos and artifacts from our maritime heritage, and protecting access to the waterfront for commercial uses. Our current projects include an ongoing collaboration with the Penobscot Marine Museum to digitize fishing related photos from the Boothbay Region and rebuilding two piers in the Working Waterfront district. Learn more about these projects below:

Boothbay Region Fisheries Photo Collection

Piers Project

Our Mission

The Boothbay Region Maritime Foundation (BRMF), is comprised of a small group of concerned fishermen, businessmen, and teachers, and was formed in September of 2018 as development pressures increased in Boothbay Harbor. The group felt it was important to insure that viable, commercial, deep water properties, within the shelter of the harbor, and essential to the maritime community and its economy, be preserved. Through the generous donation of anonymous individuals, and the desire on the part of owner, Douglas Carter, to keep it working waterfront, a purchase and sales agreement was signed for the Sea Pier, one of four and the largest lobster buying station on the east side of the harbor. The Sea Pier supports over 30 licensed lobstermen in the Boothbay Harbor region. Ownership transferred on January 31st, 2019 and the property will continue to serve the lobstermen and fishermen of the region. In order to secure commercial fishing activities for the future and provide opportunities for the public to learn about the commercial fishing industry, the BRMF will need to rebuild the Sea Pier, now called Carter's Wharf. This will be a major renovation that will include public viewing areas and informational displays. It will require financial support from our community as well as state and federal grants. Click on the "Support Us" tab at the top navigation bar to learn how you can help us.

The Foundation will continue to look for opportunities to support working waterfront and share information about our unique way of life through additional land acquisitions, education, and innovative ideas for the future of the industry. With very limited access to the 3,500 miles of coastline in Maine, we are proud and fortunate to be able to work on behalf of our community, to preserve this important part of our heritage, so that people will be able to learn about our fishing heritage first hand.