Welcome to the Maritime Mystery Tour! This is an opportunity for you to travel back in time and visit an active fishing community that dates back to the early history of our state, back to a time when seasonal fishing establishments were located on Damariscove Island and at Cape Newagen and Monhegan. The rich fishing grounds of the Boothbay Region are what brought people to settle here. Our beautiful deep water harbors continue to bring visitors here to relax and enjoy locally caught lobsters, crabs, fish, and fresh locally harvested oysters and clams. We are blessed to live in such a beautiful and fruitful place!

There are different ways to participate in the mystery tour. If you enjoy a challenge, and know a little bit about local history, you may be able to figure out locations by the written clues alone. If you are familiar with our area, you may be able to find the locations using the photos. If you are visiting the area you may want to read the clues, learn about the site's significance, then click on the map clues tab to see directions for how to get there. The main thing is to have fun! Get your family and friends together, tackle one or two at a time, or spend a day in the region to visit as many mystery sites as you can. Feel free to email us if you have any questions or suggestion. Enjoy!

The mystery tour and the Boothbay Region Fisheries Photo Collection, is made possible through a collaboration between several area organizations including the Boothbay Region Historical Society and the Penobscot Marine Museum. These organizations are dedicated to preserving local heritage and provide access to photos and artifacts from our maritime history. If you are interested in learning more about our fishing heritage and the history of our region, I encourage you to visit both of these establishments to purchase books, photos, maps, and other items. Links are provided below.

We are grateful to all of the individuals and organizations that have contributed to the digital photo collection. Click on the link above under the Heritage & History tab. Photos can be viewed free of charge and are a wonderful resource for anyone researching their family history or doing school projects. We would like to thank the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library, the Department of Marine Resources, the Boothbay Register, and members of our community who loaned us their photos so that they might become part of this community collection.

The mysteries that are included in our scavenger hunt represent different time periods. If you visit each location, you will get a glimpse of various fisheries and related businesses including canning, processing, preserving, storage, supplies, and of course eating fish products. Each location is on public property or can be viewed from public property. Three mystery sites are Boothbay Region Land Trust, BRLT, properties. BLRT maintains these properties and many others for the benefit of the public. These three properties, and others, are not only important because of their natural beauty but also because of their significance to our maritime heritage. Please support the efforts of BRLT and like minded organizations in your area. The work they do completely changes the face of our communities.